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Equally as various other sports games organization ICC also organized a world cup following 4 year for cricket fans. There are actually TWO different sort of world cup played under ICC One is T20 and second is ODI. Without any doubt, it's always among the many top most viewed intercontinental competitive events of the universe. It is undoubtedly a number of fellows who do not watch cricket in normal days but in world cup they take a seat in front of the Television to support their most favorite team. When world cup played TV Channels dramatically increased their advertisements rates due to a lot of offers which show the popularity of this event. While many await the 2015 ICC Cricket world cup, lets see how this prestigious even came into being and how it has been followed all these years.

How it Began?

More then a 100 years has been passed , the first and foremost world cup held. Right up until 1970, Australia, England and South Africa were the countries who without a doubt enjoying test matches in opposition to others. The matches having said that weren't able to take place a result of the bad weather and the experiment flopped. It was not until 1975 that this experimentation of arranging an international level match was repeated. The five or six test playing nations around the world England, Australia, India, Pakistan, New Zealand and West Indies were combined to play the initially ever world cup in United kingdom. Since at that time this event received a lot of reputation around the globe so ICC set about a special set of time to perform this kind of event. The champion was adjusted abroad and a four year cycle was maintained. In second world cup which was held in 1987, a few other cricket teams contributed in world cup with the authorization of ICC.

In 2007, the world cup was held at Caribbean and was belittled for its awful arrangement and a uninteresting style. Then in 2007, the ICC cricket world cup was held in sub continent for the second time which was a success. The 2015 world cup shall be taking place in Australia and New Zealand for the 2nd time.

The finals are contested by ten members of the ICC which must be Test playing teams. Number of associate teams of ICC may also be included by the selection process of the World Cricket League. Australia has pros on other courtiers in cricket world cup and till than now it is the only cricket team who won this event four times. Out of the four Australia consistently won three world cup including 1993, 2003 and 2007.

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